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Technology and Design in perfect harmony.
Lace is an art that requires style, passion, patience and mastery of the latest technology.

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Industrial handicrafts

Pasqua Style: a unique industrial complex.

Our factory in Cosenza is unique in Italy; it is equipped with the most advanced jacquard looms, capable of fulfilling the most complex design challenges.

Throughout our history of more than 40 years, we have been able to evolve with the changes in the market and the needs of our customers, putting all our technical resources and the dynamic quality of our services at their disposal, including through major investments in new sustainable technologies, in order to keep up with the times.

In addition to the industrial headquarters in Cosenza, a showroom in Milan receives and welcomes international customers.


Passion and expertise

Our mission has always been clear and focused: we want to offer our customers textile products of the highest quality; made with professionalism, passion and respect for the environment. We have always been committed to supporting Italian craftsmanship by merging it with industrial technology. Our products are 100% Made in Italy, made by qualified personnel selected from the local community.

Sectors and Departments

Pasqua Style: a unique industrial hub.

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Tradition and Innovation

The success of true 'Made in Italy' starts from the roots and never stops looking to the future.

Our history: a vocation for beauty and work. With more than 40 years of experience in the world of textiles, Pasqua Style has won a leading role in the world of Italian lace. Founded on an entrepreneurial idea by Domenico and Antonietta, today it is led by Ida, Eugenio and Cristian, the children who follow in their parents’ footsteps with love and responsibility.

The company is a special family combination of tradition, rigour, perseverance and the quest for innovation. In the beginning, Antonietta and Domenico worked by founding and building a solid and reliable company, able to offer fast and quality services on commissioned products. The successful generational handover to their children in the early 2000s was the turning point, designing and building the important industrial centre of today. An organisation capable of expressing its own product collection, meeting the style and service needs of the most demanding customers, but also creating value and work in the local area, with a sense of belonging and community spirit.