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Welcome to Pasqua Style, where style, cutting-edge technology and textile tradition are woven together with impeccable skill.

Scopri l'Arte del Pizzo con Pasqua Style: Qualità e Stile

The common thread of elegance

Our exclusive products, including flounces, binding, laize and powernet tulle, are made from high quality and sustainable yarns, such as recycled nylon and elastomer. Threads that translate craftsmanship into the refined elegance of lace. Our passion for underwear, lingerie and wedding dresses is discernible in each of our creations. Discover our unique and innovative style, the result of more than 40 years of experience.

stile senza tempo
Pasqua stile ed eleganza
Interpreters of style

Interpreters of international style

The beauty of lace is universally recognised, and we strive every day with our experience and creativity to spread it across the world.
La precisione si riflette nei dettagli minuziosi delle creazioni Pasqua Style.

Always with an eye on innovation, we collaborate with highly talented designers, such as the Italian Paola Maltese, a professional who is able to express an innovative and refined style that combines beauty and originality. Our mission is to interpret international taste with an exclusive touch: combining culture and inspiration to create products that reflect contemporary style trends. That is our goal.

Il connubio perfetto tra tradizione e innovazione nel tessile di Pasqua Style.
  • 60 Looms
  • 7 departments
  • 92 employees
Tessuti raffinati e unici firmati Pasqua Style per un tocco di lusso.
Nello stile i dettagli fanno la differenza nella moda di Pasqua Style
Libera la tua creatività con il design unico di Pasqua Style

Quality of Style

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“Pasqua Style” is a vocation for harmony and quality, fully expressed in the high craftsmanship of the products, with a strong design content, always supported by reliable and prompt customer service.
Pasqua Style is the continuous pursuit for impeccable and appropriate products in line with the spirit of the times and capable of interpreting the different characters of the brands that choose us.

We use only the highest quality yarns, which we transform into delicate lace flounces, light or shaping tulle, soft microfibre laize, small trims, tenacious warp-knitted fabrics and net stocking items.

We continuously weave beauty, which becomes an expression of our commitment. We are skilful executors of a special textile art, in which craftsmanship is necessarily combined with industrial technological innovation to create unique products.

We have always been committed to perfecting the special interweaving of style, technology and craftsmanship: a thread that runs through the experience of our past, weaving it firmly with the future.