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Looms and Weaving

With passion and skill, our 'Loom and Weaving Department' weaves excellence, creating superior products that tell the story of our tradition in the art of textile production.

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Synergy and precision

The expertise of our ‘Design & Style Department’ combined with the cutting-edge technology of our latest generation of looms allows us to create products of the highest performance and quality.

Our ‘Looms and Weaving Department’ is structured for versatile production to meet all production requirements for medium and large batches, as well as allowing new designs to be produced and developed in a very short time.

Our machines work 24 hours a day, in 3 shifts, 5 days a week. The machine inventory consists of 60 Karl Meyer looms, including:

  • Textronic TL 73 / 1
  • Jacquard 59 / 1 — 65 / 1 — 85 / 1
  • Warp knitting
  • Dual Needle Bar for Fishnet Stockings

The certified yarns we use are:

  • nylon
  • recycled nylon
  • elastomer
  • recycled elastomer
  • cotton
  • viscose
  • polyester
  • recycled polyester

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