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Our story

The story of Pasqua Style is a narrative of roots that go back in time.


Relocation to Turin

Domenico moved to Turin as an employee, later joined by his wife Antonietta.


Foundation of the business

They started their own business of subcontracted work in a warehouse with looms on loan.


Company growth

The industrial shed was extended and more looms were acquired (also owned) for further subcontracted work.


Own production

Relocation to a new, larger building for production activities


Return to Calabria

Relocation to Montalto Uffugo, to a new factory with all its own looms and direct sales.


Purchase and opening of the Dyeing Department.


The original company became Pasqua S.r.l.

The opening of a new factory complete with both Dyeing and Weaving. The beginning of the generational handover process.


Pasqua S.r.l. became Pasqua Style 'lace for your beauty'

Pasqua Style established itself as a leader in the production of quality lace and fabrics.

The Story

Past, Present and Future

The heart of Pasqua Style is expressed in the timeless art of lace. A textile tradition rooted in centuries past, which today, thanks to the generational handover, embraces an innovative and contemporary industrial perspective. Its products are the perfect combination of past and present, the result of the founders’ goals and earned craftsmanship, a knowledge passed on to their children, who continue using the most advanced technologies in the sector.


Tradition and innovation

Pasqua Style is a story of work, passion, trust and steadfast will. Founded by Domenico Pasqua together with his wife Antonietta more than 40 years ago, it has become an important landmark in the Italian textile world. Today, their children Ida, Eugenio and Cristian continue the family legacy, keeping alive the spirit of the place and respect for the local area, rich in history and tradition. With roots firmly planted in the Calabrian territory, Pasqua Style is a real example of how enterprise, sustainability and tradition can coexist.

Deep roots

The story of Pasqua Style is one of family roots evolving over time. A united, collaborative family with a great entrepreneurial spirit that has been able to found, grow and establish a company of recognised renown in our country’s textile industry. Pasqua Style is a brand of guarantee, constantly facing challenges between past, present and future.