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Sight glass and packaging

All finished products, flounces and fabrics, go through the final inspection Glass, which verifies industrial suitability for delivery.

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Attention and Control

In the ‘Sight Glass and Packaging Department’, every product is scrupulously checked. This is an indispensable review process, carried out by specialised personnel, to identify any defects that are then discarded, thus enabling us to guarantee the impeccable service that sets us apart.

Once the lace has been separated and checked, it is wound onto spools sorted by design, colour and quantity, then carefully packed. The spools are then labelled according to commercial code, dye bath and meters, depending on the customer’s specifications.

The same happens with textiles, which are rolled, packaged and then labelled using special machines.
To ensure that each product is delivered correctly according to the orders received.

The department includes:

  • Rolling
  • Quality control
  • Packaging

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