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Frilling Department

Our 'Frilling Department' is the heart of the final transformation of lace into flounces. Here we skilfully hand-cut every metre of lace, releasing beautiful flounces and fine lace from precious scalloping. A precise separation process defines the lace and gives the final touch to our creations.

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Care and Quality in every Scallop

With skilled craftsmanship, the specialised workers in our 'Frilling Department' manually separate the dyed and finished fabric, transforming it into elegant flounces, precious binding and small lace hems.

Every single scallop is cut with the precision and skill of craftsmanship, every metre is scrupulously checked.
A final process that is fundamental in defining the contours of the lace, with attention to every detail.

The department includes:

  • Division into flounces
  • Control and separation of dye baths, ready for packaging.

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