The sustainable and creative way of recovering quality materials (site under construction)


RAM finishing department

Every single metre of fabric that passes through the 'Finishing and RAM Department' is treated with extreme care; RAM is in fact a very important stage, which determines the final stability of the product.

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Innovation and tradition

In our ‘Finishing and RAM Department’, quality is a constantly pursued hallmark. The attention paid to this process is not only qualitative on product output, but also environmentally responsible, a result that is made possible by the advanced technology of the machines used. A meeting point between cutting-edge technology and tradition, thermosetting and finishing are phases processed under the control of highly specialised personnel. Our ongoing commitment to purifying and reusing water used in a continuous cycle, flue gas abatement and energy recovery of heat produced in the process, makes us proud advocates of sustainable industrial practices. The department includes:
  • Stenter plant in 8 fields for drying, stabilising, thermosetting and finishing
  • Continuous boiling off with fume abatement and heat recovery

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