The sustainable and creative way of recovering quality materials (site under construction)


Dyeing Department

The 'Dyeing Department' is where colour meets technology, and where every shade is analysed and fine-tuned until the desired colour perfection is achieved.



Chromatic creativity

A crossroads of industrial art and colour, our ‘Dyeing Department’ is state-of-the-art and pays special attention to the consumption and recovery of the water, as well as the ecological disposal of waste. It is the place where raw products are transformed through colour, turning into the magic of fashion.

Strong in our commitment to always obtain the best possible result, each product undergoes a dyeing process through carefully calibrated colour baths using special industrial tanks. This is a crucial phase that determines the colour quality and beauty of the product, in which we take the utmost care in every detail.

The department includes:

  • 16 cylinders for Rope Dyeing under pressure, with a capacity of 2,400 kg per cycle
  • Baths from 20 kg up to 1,600 kg for each colour

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