The sustainable and creative way of recovering quality materials (site under construction)


Warping Department

Our yarns are carefully selected and purchased from the best certified suppliers on the textile market. Our expertise is to mix them skilfully, aiming at the perfect final product output.

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The Art of the Yarn

In the ‘Warping Department’ we carefully select the right yarn to obtain the desired product. Specialised personnel take care of warping the selected yarns onto spools, weaver’s beams and beams in the exact quantity required by the ‘Weaving Department’.

Each spool is carefully prepared, selected to be manually assembled in the correct position on the loom, together with the others to create the base necessary for the creation of lace and laize: the first step of a textile project that continues to amaze, where precision and attention constitute the beginning of a journey from creativity to the creation of the basis of a fine textile product.

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